What To Expect When Refacing Cabinets

What a Cabinet Refacing Entails

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Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing refers to the remaking of cabinet exterior panels, which gives your kitchen a new, spectacular look. If your cabinet panels are scratched, fractured, damaged, or just in need of a refresh, they would likely benefit from refinishing! When you’re getting your cabinets refinished, here are some things to expect from the experts at Cabinet Craft Finishes.

new white cabinets in kitchen

Applying New Doors & Drawer Faces

Cabinet refacing is all about replacing old with new and changing the interface of your kitchen to be more aesthetically pleasing. Doors and drawer faces are the most visible surfaces of your cabinets, so expect them to be replaced during a refacing project. You can request that we replace them using the same material as before or upgrade to something new for a fresher look!

modern farmhouse style kitchen with light blue cabinets

Expect a New Color

During a cabinet refacing project, you have many new options when it comes to color. A new coat of paint can change the look of your kitchen or bathrooms to create a fresh look and really update the overall feel of the space. In addition, you will have input throughout the entire process and you can customize your cabinets to your preferred room color schemes to complete the look.

trendy woodgrain kitchen cabinets

Expect New Designs

There are many reasons people get their cabinets refaced. Many people use cabinet refacing to give their kitchen a new look, but refacing is also great for upgrading your room’s existing design. If this is the case for your home, we can help you decide on the best new look for your cabinets by providing you with many different designs that match your home’s style.

close up of a kitchen island with dark grey cabinets

Faster Turnaround Time and Less Costly

If you’re getting a complete cabinet replacement, you may wait months for your new cabinets to arrive. However, a cabinet refacing plan may take just a few business days, depending on the size of your room, how many cabinets you’re refacing, and how complex the job is. Refacing also tends to be less costly because you’re recovering existing cabinets instead of building new ones!

Remodeling can be a costly process, but cabinet refacing saves you money, time, and refreshes your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with ease! Cabinet Craft Finishes’ kitchen cabinet refacing in Colorado Springs, South Denver, and Castle Rock can be transformative to your home! Get a free quote today!