I am thinking of getting new cabinet doors but keeping my main cabinet frame as-is, can I do that?

Sure! We can take care of the ordering of brand new doors for your cabinets. Some customers choose to order new doors if the old ones are really in bad shape or they just want a different style than they currently have. Either way, we can help you get brand new doors ordered if you choose to go that route.

I have a specific color in mind, can you match it?

You betcha. We can color match any color of paint on the planet. If you have a shade in mind, get the color number/name, or a physical object we can take in and we will have it color matched.

Can I change my knobs and/or hinges?

Absolutely! This is the perfect time to update cabinet hardware and switch to soft close hinges. If the new hardware has different holes than the old, we will fill the old holes and drill new holes to accommodate the new hardware. Many clients choose to upgrade to soft-close hinges at this time as well, but is in no way required.

Can I use my kitchen during the process?

Yes! That is one of the best parts of our cabinet painting process. You can function in your kitchen normally. We use a special vacuum powered sanding tool, which prevents dust in the home. No spraying of paint is done in the kitchen, preventing the need to tape off the entirety of the kitchen. No! Please avoid using the kitchen at times when our team is in the home. Minimal use is okay, but we ask that you are not doing heavy cooking on those days, as it slows our team down.

How long does it take?

Our cabinet coating process times varies on the size of kitchen. Typically our turn around time is one week, leaving room for variables however. From a free, in-home estimate, we can get your job scheduled. The main works days in-home include: cabinet pick-up, frame painting and installation. This totals usually three to four separate days that someone from CCF will be in home.